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Dec 25
merry christmas ;) #dean #deanwinchester #spn #christmas 

merry christmas ;) #dean #deanwinchester #spn #christmas 

Jul 09

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Jun 06

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Jun 02

After the meeting

Weeks later…Violet still can’t stop thinking of Alec. The way his lips curved when he smiled…the tiny creases she could make out on the corners of his mouth and below his cheekbones. How his freckles were sprinkled across his face. Her hands glided across her sketch pad as she drew him over and over. She knew that she was torturing herself but she didn’t care. Her pain grew worse for she had lost another precious person. Her feelings couldn’t be explained… Although she had just met this boy she was falling hard for him. Pictures of him were everywhere. She had been sketching him for hours. She often cried and Jay would try to cheer her up she stroked him ever so often. Bae was always at her side. Alec…she loved the way the name came off her lips. How badly she wanted to touch him and for him to be hers. She put her face in her hands and cried and chanted to herself “no one can love you you’re a monster”
Alec finished working on his car that he loved so very much. It was old, used, and worn however he had built a lot of character with it. He smiled and walked inside the warehouse and sipped some water. He saw his bag of weapons and thought of the last hunt he had went on. The beautiful girl…no he thought no…he shook his head. It seemed as though everything around him reminded him of her…Violet. He said the name slower as if he was going to forget it. The name was perfect for her. Dark curls that fell to her waist. Her piercing red eyes that looked like they could look through your soul. How her chin curved down to her neck and how smooth her neck looked. He longed to trail his lips down her fragile neck…SHUT UP ALEC! He ran his hands through his hair…another memory surfaced. She she had pinned him down how badly he wanted to taste her lips on his as he looked into those gorgeous eyes. GOD STOP IT!! He decided to keep busy he went to help his brother… ((DO NOT COPY))

May 10


This was the day. That one day where she would not laugh, not smile,nor joke. This was the day that the hole in her chest grew larger, not even her love could fill this pit that was engulfing her each time this came. The depression that was buried with in her would surface. Blood…she thought to herself. Not to drink, not to take a life just blood. The color red, the color of blood. Scarlet and thick. Delicious to her but not today. Everything bland and dead today nothing extravagant nothing new…just nothing. Black she wore black, she didn’t even bother to fix her hair, just simply get up and stare and wear black. Her mind only thought of simple things as of now for it could not handle anything complicated or complex. Just these simple words that reminded her of this terrible day that would never be the same. On this day all those years ago ruined her existence. Brown… Another adjective that her mind, her unbeating heart reminded her of what she lost that day, today all those years ago.
Keep going…push further…move on, keep moving move, move, move her mind chanted in a rhythm inside her head…her emotions yelled at her screaming ITS YOUR FAULT! THIS DAY IS TO REMIND YOU OF WHAT YOU DID! WHAT YOU LOST WAS PRECIOUS! Her mind tried to hush her thoughts but they burst through the wall sending it crashing down as she became overwhelmed with her emotions. She didn’t even remember getting up this morning, much less getting dressed correctly. She felt so numb so lifeless…well she felt more dead than ever. Her slow movements concerned a part of her that kept her alive. Her emotions stabbed her, sliced at her, poked at her and teased her. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DIE NOT THEM! Books couldn’t even help her right now. When her love asked “you ok?” no words came to her she didnt even know that she had said “im fine” and waved him off. everything was blurry gray, black and white. Today she didnt see in color just shades of neutral colors. despite her perfect vision her sight was not clear, she was blind, she was deaf she couldnt taste, touch or smell her senses were gone they blew away in the wind. her friend knew what was going on. This was the day she mourned, this was the day she lost her brother, her precious Bastian.


Apr 20

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Pray for them!

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